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Oberammergau 2010
Once again, the familiar story is retold: the story of Jesus of Nazareth

The villagers of Oberammergau enact the story of the Nazarene from His entry into Jerusalem to His death; from His Last Supper to the moment that Mary Magdalene brings word of His Resurrection to the Disciples.
Oberammergau, Germany
In 1633, devastated by the Black Plague, the people of Oberammergau pledged to perform the Passion Play as a sign of the repentance and remorse over the suffering and death of Jesus Christ.
The chronicles relate further that from the day the people of Oberammergau gathered around the cross and the burgomaster and other notables of the community gathered in the village church, solemnly promising to present the Passion of the Christ in dramatic form regularly if the people were spared, no further person in the village died of the plague.
Every 10 years since, the "greatest story ever told", the Passion Play, has been staged, with the villagers playing all the roles.
"When all the people who had gathered for this spectacle saw what had happened, they returned home beating their breasts" (Luke 23:48). With these words, the Gospel of Luke concludes its story of the Passion.
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