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Exodus 33 Reflections
"A pilgrimage is the journey to and from the countries visited and it is the delving into the cultural life of the people who live there. But it is much more than that. It is a discovery of oneself on the journey. It is a tour, but with a real and life-altering twist. A pilgrimage is God-driven rather than man-driven. And, finally, a pilgrimage is the experience in the moment, but more importantly coming home and over time unfolding God's glorious mystery in our lives."
"My journey to Egypt, Israel and Jordan was an amazing experience. The trip to and from was wonderful, my journey down the Nile in Egypt amazing, the visiting of the great temples and pyramids throughout Egypt deeply moving, the journey through Israel and a spiritual walking in the footsteps of our Savior wonderfully inspiring, and the visits to glorious Petra and Mount Nebo in Jordan a delicious finish to a three-week pilgrimage."
"Above all the experiences, though, was my climb up Mount Sinai and celebrating Mass at the summit where Moses was given the Ten Commandments by our Lord. It wasn't simply the climb, which was difficult, but that God had brought me there and wished to touch my heart out of His great love for me. When I reached the summit and celebrated Mass, I looked out over that wondrous land in the early-morning sunlight and rejoiced that I was alive and that I was a child of God."
"And then it is the days, weeks, months and even years after a pilgrimage. I speak often with people who went on the pilgrimage with me and they tell me the great joy and fulfillment in their lives because of what we did. We went on our own Exodus, our own journey from Egypt into the Holy Land. We looked over the Promised Land from Jordan. We were really there and in remembering, in contemplating, we were changed in our hearts and souls. What a gift from God this journey was and is. On hard days, I remember this journey and smile, knowing God walks with me, leads me onward. I often say to myself, if I could climb to the summit of Mount Sinai, anything is possible. Anything is possible...with God."
- Father Tim Farrell
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